Rehabilitation in itself is made up of many different treatments most of which HMLA is able to offer. We have trained specialists in the majority of fields, from Chiropractors to Psychotherapists, with years of experience to give you peace of mind that you are in safe hands.

Rehabilitation is an extremely important part of the recovery process for those that require it and is proven to speed up the overall recovery period and help you to return to full fitness.

The specialist referral services we offer are:

  • Physiotherapy

    • Physiotherapy is commonly suggested for those that have been involved in accidents and are having difficulty in their joints or muscular systems.

  • Chiropractor

    • Chiropractic services are offered where injuries are sustained that affect the musculo-skeletal system. The most common area injury is sustained is the spine.

  • Osteopathy

    • Osteopathy also involves the musculo-skeletal system. The main difference between the two forms of therapy are that where Chiropractics is commonly suggested where injury is sustained in the spine, Osteotherapy is suggested when injury is sustained in other areas such as Shoulders, Neck, Wrists etc.

      For further information on all of the rehabilitation services we are able to facilitate,
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Rehabilitation services